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Identification knowledge of waste plastics

Identification knowledge of waste plastics
        Plastics can be divided into two categories: thermoplastic and thermosetting according to their structure and properties. There are many varieties and patterns of waste plastics, which come from different industries. At present, most of the plastics that can be recycled in my country are thermoplastics because they are soluble and plastic.
        Different sources of waste plastics result in different utilization degrees and different prices of waste plastics. The first is color, the lighter the color (even colorless and transparent), the wider the range of use, as white, can be adjusted to a variety of other colors, and can also be made back to white products, the price is also high. Secondly, because of the needs of the product, various ingredients are added to the raw materials.
At present, from the domestic market, it is mainly the content of CaC03 (stone powder) that determines the utilization value of waste plastics. The higher the content of CaC03, the lower the price. From the naked eye, if the product is not bright and dull (except matte), the content of CaC03 will be high, and it will feel heavy on the hand. In addition, we should also pay attention to reinforced (referring to glass fiber) products. At present, only PA, PBT, PP and other reinforced products can be used, and the prices are not high. There is also a kind of alloy material. At present, there is only one kind of ABS+PC in the domestic market, and the others are not good. Then according to the specific gravity (density) of the raw materials, it is judged whether the mixed material can be reused. At present, there are many problems in the mixing of ABS and PS, the mixing of PC and PMMA, and the mixing of PVC flakes (bottle materials) and PEl'' flakes. The materials are mixed with each other, and PE and PP are mixed with each other. After these materials are mixed with each other, it is difficult to use due to their similar density.
Commonly used separation methods, so the mixed materials cannot be crushed materials, otherwise, the price will be very low, and no one even wants them.
Generally, there are several steps to identify waste plastics:
1. Look at the color;
2. Look at the brightness (the transparent material can be removed at this step);
3. Hand feel (feel weight, feel smoothness);
4. Ignite (see whether the color of the flame is smoking, whether it is burning away from the fire or not burning at all);
5. Smell the smell (various plastic smells are different, including flame retardants, etc.);
6. Drawing (the drawing with more CaC03 is definitely not good, and the enhanced one cannot draw the silk).

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