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Higher configuration High Speed Labeling Machine MST-350B

Master Packing Co.,Ltd. Higher configuration High Speed Labeling Machine MST-350B

Product Introduction

MST350B shrink sleeve labeling Machine is a new type of advanced heat shrink sleeve wrapping machine,it is four-wheel drive, automatic centering, four-wheel balancing pressure device.To achieve a smooth,stable,fast delivery purposes.

Electrical configuration description: This type of labeling machine used by the electrical appliances are imported configuration,using high-speed  positioning module, imported servo motor,servo drive,servo controller,automatic adjustment,user-friendly operation.

Label Type: This model speed can be 350Bottles/Min, applicable to all kinds of bottles of Fruit Juices, Tea Beverages, Dairy Products, Pure Water,Beer, Sport Drinks,etc. it have advantage of high accuracy of labeling position and after shrink it can make the bottle shape more prominent.

Dual Drive device

The structure of H-type design,to ensure the four-wheel drive, automat centering, four-wheel balance pressure requirements,due to the design of equal speed ratio,the full realization of the standard standards,the delivery of smooth,stable operation, cutting the standard fast set the target. This equipment has broken through the traditional sleeve marking technology, it can set three to four kinds of sets of standard varieties in one machine,only need to replace the mold can realize different varieties, models of the set.On the basis of standard MST-350B type,a higher configuration servo motor conveyor motor is equipped with encoder,which his automatic steeples speed regulation.


Higher configuration High Speed Labeling Machine MST-350B DetailsMaster Packing Co.,Ltd.


MST-350B Shrink sleeve labeling machine



Input Voltage


Labeling Speed

350Bottle per minute

Applicable body diameter range


Applicable label length(mm)


Applicable label thickness(mm)


Paper tube diameter(mm)

76mm, 127mm, 152mm adjustable

Machine size(mm)




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